Friday, September 28, 2007


When I was in my early twenties, I lived with a couple of hard-core skiers. Being a surfer come snowboarder, I was often chided for my pursuit of the purest alpine endeavor of snowboarding (there is NO LOVE between the two-plankers and the boarders)

Anyway, being the snarky S.O.B's that they are, they made up a fake snowboarder term and casually would drop it into conversion until, sucker that I am, I started using it.

So if you are ever out on the slopes and someone tells you to "bonk some freshie flakes" you will know where that started.

One of those friends is snow patrol in aspen. He is off to france on a 'patrol exchange program' (yes, he is an adult... he is just living the dream.)

to John Peter Perko, I say: bonk les flocons de freshie, Jean Pierre, le bonk le freshie s'├ęcaille beaucoup.

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