Monday, October 8, 2007


Exactly seven years ago today, Amy and I had our first date.

it was a mellow affair,the date kinda sorta started on October 7th with a group hike, where Amy held my hand.

the next day we watched a movie, and had some dinner.

A long-running and spirited debate in our household is who fell for whom first. Amy typically cites the overwhelming testimony from our law-school classmates who say I was smitten from day one. They talk about how I always found a way to sit next to Amy in class and how I made sure all of her friends were in my study group so she would have no choice but to join.

As a rejoinder I usually reference this e-mail string that Amy saved even before we were dating

Okay, so instead of doing property Ive been cleaning out old e-mails.
And Im hesitant to show you this (somehow youre going to use this in your whole Ive-wanted-you-since-the-first-day-theory), but I will anyway since I know the truth. :)

This from a couple days before we kissed for the first time (at this point I knew something was probably going to happen, which is why I kept it) . . .

I WROTE (or should I say I RESPONDED, since YOU were the one to initiate e-mailing):
I wouldn't go knocking Ohio . . . I bet you've never even been there.
Probably because of that Ohio statute allowing only really cool people within its borders. Must be rough.

okay we are such big nerds for communicating by statute and we've only been in law school two months. what's going to happen after three years?

Three years? you want to know what's going to happen in three years?
I 'd be happy to know what's gonna happen in three weeks!!

I did run into some problems at the ohio border once. But that is a subject for another day.


p.s. ohio's cool person statute is unconstitutional (14th amendment)

Now I share this not to rehash the debate, but rather to say that when the most spirited topic for discussion in one's house is who had a crush on who first, well, that's good living. It's been a harmonious seven years. and we are just getting started


Ma's Meatloaf said...

I like aloha. I think you should use it as much as possible, like:
When you meet some for the first time
When you see someone on the street
When you are saying goodbye
As your email signature
In text messages
and even over the phone

You can be Aloha Damon... much better than Capital D

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byron said...

October 7, 7 years ago, and it's now 2007. Sounds like a lucky year for the Circosta's!