Tuesday, October 2, 2007


You may have seen a TV commercial where some kids at a slumber party are trying to sneak some totino's pizza rolls. The chubby kid, unable to contain his enthusiasm, shouts high praise for these frozen pizza-like snacks thereby alerting the parents and spoiling the unsanctioned midnight snack.

The other kids appeared pretty upset, now that they will no longer get to snack on some totinos. But in my estimation, that portly young man deserves some sort of medal.

As part of an evening meal devoted entirely to appetizers I just ate a totinos roll. If I don't make it through the night, Amy will have just cause to take the fine folks at Totinos (a pillsbury subsidiary) for all of their dough.

Not since Micheal got hosed by Fredo has one Italian felt so betrayed by another.


Lisa Grafstein said...

A Pillsbury subsidiary? D'oh!

ChezWhat said...

leave the totinos, eat a cannoli.