Thursday, November 22, 2007


OK. So Alex Trebec may very well be the smarmiest, most condescending game show host of all time. But there is no denying that Jeopardy is both fun to watch and even more fun when you and your wife square off in the world of trivia.

Amy and I don't even call it jeopardy anymore. Whoever has the remote control simply says "Bring it" just before hitting the DVR (Yes, we record jeopardy).

Most days, the game is decided well before final jeopardy. It all hinges on the categories. If, for example, the categories are: 1990's NHL, The beatles, our founding fathers, Surf's up, and potent potables... then Amy may just as well take a nap. On the other hand, if the categories are: European Art, crossword clues, or any of the rhyme times, I may just as well get up and get a sandwich.


donutboy said...

what is ...I'll clean the floor with the both (three or four) of you!

Amy said...

bring it

roy said...

ohhhhhhhh smack!

don't burn the house down darlin!

ChezWhat said...

Squaring off over trivia is how Chris and I met. I brought it BIG TIME.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let be define "big time" for you....

At the begining of the night I thought "Wow, she's really cute." By the end of it I thought "Wow, I have never seen anyone cheat so blatantly and shamelessly at a board game before."

Now, rather than playing along with Jeopardy, anytime Tivey thinks she knows something I don't, I simply say "Bet?"

I've won so many times she always backs down, even when I make stuff up. :P

- Heag