Thursday, December 20, 2007


Neil Chhabra (one of the most underrated pick-up basketball players ever to play at the James E. Rogers college of law) and his lovely wife Kate are headed down the same road we are on. Their baby boy is just a few months behind little man.

We are excited for this little guy for a couple of reasons

1. Neil and Kate are gonna be great parents.

2. With a last name like Chhabra our guy need not worry about a high scrabble score (17)

3. At some point, our son will be recruiting other youngins for his nationwide awesome frisbee team. If little Chhabra is anything like his old man, he will sign up with gusto!!!

congrats Chhabras rock on rock on

1 comment:

Neil said...

Damon, you make me laugh. Thanks for the vote of confidence in our parenting skills. Little Circosta and Little Chhabra - founding members of the 2025 National Championship Ultimate tram.