Monday, December 17, 2007


So on two separate occasions this evening I have put the name of our son squarely in the hands of everyone favorite temptress... fate.

The category in final jeopardy this evening was "famous 19th century names". As that smarmy Trebec cut to commercial Amy said "whaddya say?". Knowing immediately that she meant "Let's name our son whatever name is the answer to final jeopardy... devil may care!!!" I said "Bring it" We agreed (kinda) and as such, Geronimo Circosta will be leading the resistance very soon.

After Amy lawyered her way out of our lock tight agreement, we played a game of baby-name roulette (open baby name book, close eyes, point, be done with naming anxiety). Luckily the naming gods were good to us. As such, Overton Circosta will be banking, twisting his mustache, and saying "gholly-gee whittacres" very soon.


LG said...

Two words: Trebec Circosta.

lindsey bo bindsey said...

you guys are too funnny. I love reading your stories.

ChezWhat said...

I see Lisa's suggestion and raise it up a notch: Trebec Overton Circosta sounds AWESOME.

Mommy said...

Naming, ah, naming.

I love it.

I might have had me an Aiden Lawrence because of it...thankfully we had a girl.