Thursday, January 24, 2008


So I am in Dallas right now, at the national center for state courts judicial campaign conduct committee conference (even conference titles are bigger in Dallas). Last night, I was out to dinner with the other judicial campaign geeks, and we were chatting amiably about kids, pregnancy, pending birth etc. (several folks at the table recently had kids). Everyone was giving me some friendly ribbing about being so far away, with Little Man being so close to showing up.

Right about that time my phone rings. Now mind you that it is nearly 10:30pm in Raleigh, well past Amy's regularly scheduled bedtime of 9pm. Getting a late-night phone call from your 36 week-pregnant wife while you are in the middle of a "how could you take a trip in the last trimester" conversation is enough to make the palms sweat.

Not to worry though, Amy is not in labor, I did not have to make a mad dash to the airport, and I'll be back in Raleigh (for good) in less than 10 hours!

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ChezWhat said...

Unless you're scheduled to go to Durham for lunch like Chris was on 3/16/07.