Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So I was up in DC this week for a conference and stayed with my good friends brad and cynthia. We all go way way way way back and one of the good things about that is you can kind of pick up right where you left off. Anyway, had some Vietnamese food and a surprise visit from Brad's mom, and my friend Jan Koons. Now I can go on and on about Jan and all the nice things she did for me growing up (I spent at least a half dozen thanksgivings with the Koons, and they flew me to Maine one summer cause they are cool like that.)

But here is what you need to know about Jan:

1. She is a life-long educator and spent yesterday with a bunch of five year-olds staring in awe at some snow flakes.

2. She was never hesitant to take me down a notch, which, if you can believe this, was occasionally necessary in my youth (apparently I had a lot of notches)

3. She makes the best Chile Rellanos I have ever had which is a nice domestic skill, but at the same time she can probably out-hike, out-run, and out-outdoor me any day, so it's not all frilly with her.

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