Friday, January 18, 2008


So Amy and I (and by extension, little man) dig on this show on CBS called "How I Met Your Mother". The details of the show are inconsequential here. But feel free to check it out (and also feel free to recognize that the version on the internet has ads and is therefore making money and is therefore something the writers should get paid for!!!)

Anyway, I bring up this show because they do this thing where one character will tell a story and another character will point out some inconsistencies in the story. If you are successful in shooting someone down by pointing out the fallacies of their tale then you get to say "LAWYERED!". The other person acknowledges they have been bested with a tail-between-the legs "Withdrawn". ( I tried to find a youtube clip of Marshall lawyering Barney if anyone does send it to me and I'll post it).

Twice now on the Media Grab I've been "Lawyered":

Once when I said that my two kids would first be governor and senator from NC and then be on the same ticket for the 2056 presidential elections (thanks Jenn Epp and LG for pointing out the 12th amendment prevents this)

And again, when I said that I was copyrighting (rather than trademarking) the term Nowstalgia (thanks Emma for working that Intellectual Property law magic)

It's good to know that the Media Grab Nation is not asleep at the wheel. Soldier on Grabbers, Soldier on!

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