Monday, January 7, 2008


So, as you may very well be aware, we here in Raleigh are in the midst of the worse drought in recorded history. Since I grew up in the desert, it doesn't really feel all that drought-y (drought-ish?) but I suppose it's not so much what you got, but what you are used to having.

Anyway, the mayor today proposed the possibility of daily consumption limits per person. We are still in the planning stages, but the reality of a 25 gallon per person, per day limit is very very real.

It got me thinking. How much water do I use in a day? Thanks to the series of tubes we know as the internets I got a rough idea. I calculated it using this

Looks like I am at 45 gallons, about 30 less than your average consumer. (this is probably because we can't water our lawn and I haven't washed the outside of my car... ever.

Anyway, I'm guessing little man is gonna consume some serious gallonage with all the bottle and clothes washing. Looks like we will have to find some other ways to conserve water.



ChezWhat said...

If I had to guess, hand washing bottles is by far the number one factor increasing our water consumption with Stephen. I want to get one of those pumps that gets hot water to my kitchen sink quicker; I cringe as I watch the water run and run out of the faucet while I wait and wait for hot water.

Avillo said...

Those who worry about overconsumption of water--as we all should--can start by drinking whiskey instead of water.