Thursday, February 21, 2008


So we are already going to need to amend the Constitution so that my Son (and Future Daughter) can run on the same ticket in 2056. While we are at it, lets go ahead and mess with the 20th Amendment. As it stands right now, Little man has no chance at being the youngest congressman in the history of the U.S. (That title now belongs to some kid from Florida who looks eerily like Chuckie the homicidal doll from the horror movies). If, however, we can move inauguration day around... or even remove the requirement that congresspeople be at least 25 years old, then Little Man will have it good.

Of course, we are assuming that:

A. Little man wants to be in Congress
B. The press corps doesn't go digging into the family past
C. Little man has wrapped up his pro-surfing career by then
D. We can get some Voter-Owned Elections

Anyone want to get started on a signature drive?

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Ma's Meatloaf said...

The Committee to Elect Vail Circosta to Congress --- Let me know when it is formed and I will become a supporter