Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So for the first twenty-some odd months we lived in the Carolinas I could say that not a month went by without at least one surf. Having just looked at the surf report for about the gazzilonth time this winter, I realized that the last time I was in the water was on the other side of thanksgiving (unless of course you count the body surfing I did in Sarasota over x-mas).

Given the fact that little man won't be water-ready for at least a few weeks (months?) and he is still insistent on waiting it out til the leap year (or later) I guess it might be a little while before I get back in the water.

In the mean time I can think back fondly on Amy and my trip to Hawaii just months before moving here:


donutboy said...

hey since the little dude won't be coming out anytime soon I say you hope in the boat and go fishing this weekend!

Ma's Meatloaf said...

It would be awesome if little man is born on the 29th! It lessons your fatherly responsibilities, you have a legit reason to forget his birthday every three out of four years.

ChezWhat said...

Little Man has obviously read this article advising him of free food hookups just for being a Leap Year Baby!