Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So the results from the latest grab-shot are in. Devoted followers of this blog have opted to let Amy choose Little man's name, for silly reasons like "she carried him" and "she'll be better at it". Coming in second was our dog, who (just so you know)isn't bright enough to figure out the buster-cube, let alone annunciate anything other than woof!

Well, grabbers I guess I know how the pecking order over at casa circosta breaks down.


'sauce said...

What's that Kashi?

You think Little Man should be named Rocco?

Good dog!

Amy said...

10 votes still beats 8 by my last count. :) So it's settled then. Thank you educated voters!!

'sauce said...

What's that Kashi?

8 votes is really 56 votes in doggie votes, so you actually win?

Good dog!

LG said...

What's that, Amy?

Steak sauce is on the dog house?

Smart girl!

Anonymous said...

I went ahead an reserved barackcircosta.blogspot.com for you anyway big guy!

did i reserve it for you or help amy out by taking it away? HMMMMMMm

ChezWhat said...

I'm all about the compromise, people: Ba-Rocco Circosta.