Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So you have heard me make several references to the blog known as Chez-what. Of course, I tune in for the "Dear Stephen" letters and the funny pictures. But I think it's time you know about the woman behind the scenes, Miss Tivey Clark, AKA Clark Bar-None. Now, you may ask why we are calling her Clark Bar-none. A few reasons:

- From maternity clothes to baby clothes to helpful hints, Clark Bar-None has been so very helpful with this whole pregnancy thing. So much so that I think she holds the record for most thank you notes sent from casa circosta in a year.

- On a consistent and daily basis she puts up with the Haggy Bear. The highest award the President of the U.S. can give a civilian is the Medal of Freedom... As soon as Barack wins this thing I'm filing an application for Bar-none.

- She makes really good soup.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Miss Tivey Clark Bar-none, you are truly without parallel.


ChezWhat said...

You are too kind, and it's already growing on me.

'sauce said...

'sauce concurs. Bar None. Good job with the nickname, Pinky!