Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sam is rolling out into the world. A trip to the bucks here, a stop at helios there. He even is making non-coffee related stops on his world tour. this morning he went to everyone favorite NC School (go state!) to watch his mom get an award. Amy was nominated by Vice-Provost Woodard for the NC State "award for excellence". Now both Sam and I agree that Amy is excellent and its cool that her work thinks so as well. Apparently little man held up pretty well, but when he started to lose it a little bit Amy's co-workers jumped in and kept him chill while Amy received her accolades.

Meanwhile, I was at Elon university which has a gorgeous campus. So, various North Carolina Universities, if you are looking for a top-notch student (and likely future governor), I say start recruiting now. the bidding will begin at a full ride, and naming a library after his old man.

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ChezWhat said...

Congratulations, Amy!