Monday, March 10, 2008


One of the long-running feuds in the circosta household is who has the weirder feet.
My 'ring-toe' tends to (ever-so-slightly) sneak behind the others, causing Amy (on a very long road trip with this guy) to dub said toe "Bashful". But what Ms. Glass-house failed to recognize was that her own pinky toe took a wrong turn on the way to normalville. In fact, it still is taking that turn as her pinky toe faces the entirely wrong direction. What's more, it doesn't really have a toe-nail.

So with bashful on one side of his family tree, and "wrong-way" on the other, poor Sam is straight hosed in the toe department. Here is to hoping that ,genetically speaking, he only gets the best from both of us in the non-foot realm.


ChezWhat said...

I am willing to do my part to bring peace to your house and chomp down on those baby toes.

Albert of the North said...

Nice D.........I'm all signed in now. I wasn't getting your updates. Nice blanket....Nice toes. Shall I send a picture of my feed to disclose a little more of the bloodline?

Courtney and Segev said...

You should post a family foot photo, so we can truly say who Sam resembles more...Mom or Dad.

LG said...

I've gotta disagree -- grown up feet should be on This here's a baby feet blog!