Monday, March 3, 2008


So Amy takes the honors for "overall awesomeness" when it comes to being a mom. Her skills are many and varied. In an effort to develop a niche of awesomeness I have dedicated myself to being the swaddle champ. I can snug that little dude down and he digs it. Here is some evidence of my work. (stay tuned. I'm thinking about an instructional video to be posted here soon). In the meantime some still shots:

Here are some of the family (dad took these with his monkey arms and a backwrds camera)

And here is our man yesterday (already his cone head is smaller since these were taken... he changes by the hour)


Emily said...

Okay, so I LOVE him...already...SO much...and I haven't even met him yet!!!!! I can't wait to see you guys - I'm having a really hard time focusing here. Only a few more days!!!! =)

Ben said...

He's a beautiful little man, Damon. Congratulations!

I'm looking forward to your election musings when you're a little less, err, preoccupied :)

Casey said...

Beautiful! I am so happy for you! You will mos def make a wonderful Dad. You absolutely make a beautiful family.

My love to all!

ChezWhat said...

good swaddle = happy baby, although HamBone was always so good at working his arms free, and then waving his fists in the air, in some sort of "power to the people" thing.

JennEpp said...

Man, this little guy is so stinkin cute. And you are both glowing :) Keep the pictures coming!