Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I know, I know, a little lax on the pictures these past few days...a couple of reasons:

1. Our boy has us running around. last night, at 10:30 I found myself barefoot, pushing a stroller through our neighborhood in a desperate attempt to get Little man to chill out.

2. Auntie Em, resident photographer extraordinaire has been snapping mad pics and will be sending copies soon.

3. I didn't want everyone to forget that this blog also is chock full of wonderful prose. ( Like the stuff you are reading This. Very. Minute.)

Anyway, photos soon including our inaugural trip to five guys (which is still tops with the burger committee.)Also, with just 5 hours left we are in a dead heat over the Daylight Savings Question. It's like the Dem primary... will a North Carolinian cast the deciding vote?


ChezWhat said...

I hope the stroller helped, it's usually good for Stephen. Nothing like a change of scenery.

Albert Jr. of Flagstaff Arizona, Son of Albert C and Janet B, Father of Oliver, Husband of Automme, Owner of Sadie and Denali, Lives in Alaska said...


emily said...

Sorry! The pics are on there way!!! =)