Saturday, April 19, 2008


Note: my good friends over at Chez What inspired me to write a monthly letter to our boy and post it on the blog. I did this while little man was on the inside, but haven't gotton around to it in the last 7 (seven!) weeks. anyway, here is what I hope will be a monthly feature on the grab.

Dear Sam,

Well, you are seven weeks old now and getting close to ten pounds. Someone told me that at ten pounds babies start sleeping through the night, but seeing as how you are more on a 3 hour tour, I think this ten-pound rule is bogus. Mom and I aren't complaining though. You make us tired, and sometimes a bit grumpy and distracted, but then you will smile at us and it will totally rock our world. Seriously, just one little smile and we are giddy.

For the first few weeks it was pretty much sleep, cry, eat, cry repeat... but now you are having longer stretches of awake time where you are checking out the world. Last night we went to Mexican food and you chilled out almost the whole way through dinner (granted we were in and out in 35 minutes, but still.)

Yep, you are starting to warm to the world and when I make silly sounds at you, you smile and almost laugh... but then you get sick of it and do this thing where you kind of avert/roll your eyes as if to say "dad, you are embarrassing me".

It is sort of weird to think that when you get older you won't have any conscious memories of the last seven weeks. Even in our groggy, sleep-deprived state, this has been the most memorable time in our lives. I told Amy once that even though I can remember certain events before I met her, I have a hard time remembering how it felt before me and your mom met. Hard to describe, little man, but the context, or fabric of my everyday before Amy is totally erased. I tell you this because I'm starting to feel the same thing about you. I mean, sure, I remember my life before you. But what's slipping away is the feeling of what our world was like before you showed up.

Trust me. It's a good thing.

Anyway, until next month, I love you



Laura said...

Damon, you kill me.

This is such a great idea. I love my folks, but I wonder how much better our relationship would've been if I'd had letters like this to read when I was old enough to understand them.

And just think - you'll have this to look back on the first time he crashes your car. :)

Sam is a really lucky kid.

ChezWhat said...

You will enjoy writing these as much as Sam will enjoy reading them down the road -- I'm so glad you're doing this.

Stephanie Bass said...

not only is this a good thing for you and your family, it cheers and warms others of us who need to hear about love and goodness some more.