Saturday, May 3, 2008


Been a busy 12 hours. Last night I hung out with Sam's favorite presidential candidate (ok, maybe not hung out, but listened to him speak and shook hands.) Then, this morning, Grandpa Albert made it here all the way from Flagstaff Arizona. (directions from my dad's house: Right on Milton, 40 West, go 2000 miles, L on Six Forks)

Anyway, good suburban living is to be had today... I'll keep ya posted and drop some barack photos later.


Neil Chhabra said...

sweet, looking forward to the pics. and he better win nc, or i'll be really disappointed in you.

Avillo said...

40 East, Damon, not 40 West, for your dad's trip from Flagstaff to Raleigh. 40 West would have brought him to a truck stop somewhere in the desert outside Barstow.