Monday, May 26, 2008


The darling, and irrepressibly cute Corinna Allen came by this week and we learned a few things. First, Sam has a penchant for the older ladies (Corinna is almost half-a-year). With her ability to grasp toys and babble words, little cora cutie had sam enamored through and through. Luckily it was a mutual admiration society.

Meanwhile, the Media Grab is not immune to the downsizing that comes from media consolidation. With multiple blogs, the care and feeding of a newborn, and now Amy going back to work, it has been difficult to keep up with everything. This might explain the haggard look on my face in the photo below. (how do amy and sam look so good when they are under the same 24-hours-in-a-day constraints I am.)

Anyway, I'll keep trying to spit out the content, but if things get light this next week know that I am not only super slammed with work, but me and the boy are home alone for the first time together all next week. Wish us luck.

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Daft said...

A week of dedicated dad time? If you thought your standards of personal hygiene were lax until now.... Keeping the kid clean and fed left me with little energy, inclination or opportunity to do the same for myself. Best of luck.