Saturday, June 14, 2008


So we put sam down for a nap around 3pm thinking he would be ready to roll for a 4pm bbq over with hag and clark bar none. Here it is, at 6:05 and the boy is still out. I don't know if I am super happy about his nap or a little bummed that I have been just sitting here for the past 3 hours.


khamp said...

I think that Lex and Cotes need props on this one! Nothing like some dog lovin' to wear a baby out!

Daft said...

Welcome to nap limbo. Get used to it. Keep a book handy. And know that whenever you hope for a short nap, Sam will sleep for years. And just when you think he'll sleep for, say, the length of a movie, listen out for noise before the opening credits have finished.