Saturday, June 28, 2008


Many of you may have seen my brother's rather exhaustive comment regarding Alaska. . Admittedly, I shouldn't go knocking my bro's homeland,and that penguin crack really doesn't even make sense. But my poor choice to rile up an Alaskan (they are feisty up there... I think its the lack of light!) might deserve a rebuke, but not a novel.

Albert Jr's lengthy and comprehensive post has led the Media Grab to institute a new rule. This rule is loosely based on Barney Stinson's "don't make plans with your significant other farther in the future than you have already been dating" rule. Simply stated: a comment cannot be longer than the original post.

We didn't want to have to go all FCC lock down style on y'all, but irresponsible commenting demands a response.

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Albert......Jr that is. said...

Okay Damon...Try to get this strait..right now it's summer. We have "too much" light. Not "lack of light". And let's go ahead and start the clock. Terms like "exhaustive" and "novel" will only rile up an Alaskan. And....there is a nifty feature called "word count" That feature tells me your post is 132 words. At one point your readers may ask. Why am I vesting myself in this discussion when it really is little more than two brothers (or at least one) poking a little fun at the other brother. It's like when we used to stand next to each other as children and you would all of a sudden, for no reason, fall down and start crying with a fervor and yell..."mom! he hit me..he hit me." Mom would then come over, smack me on the back of the head, and say, "Don't hit your brother"" Well, my dear brother, that is similar to what I am doing here.... Well, maybe not, but it was a good story to rack up the word count. At the end of this poorly punctuated rant, I will have 209 words..that, my friend is breaking the rules. Rule breakers make the rules and I am ready for you to make some more rules right now......
Feisty No-toothed Alaskan