Monday, July 7, 2008


In Brad Koons' most recent guest post (scroll down), he suggested that anyone be granted the keys to the media grab kingdom. Hey, you don't hear about Rupert Murdoch loaning out 'fox and friends' to his high school pals. So no, loyal grabbers, this first step in a strategic plan that culminates in a 24 hour cable channel devoted to all things circostian will not be going 'open source'.

But since Brad kinda helped me name the blog I feel I shouldn't totally dis his 'blog-to-the-masses' idea.

So here is what we are gonna do: Any members of the grab nation who make the trek (like brad and cindy did this weekend) will be granted the option of writing one free guest post. After all if you roll into midtown the least we can do is give you some blog space.


Albert......Jr that is. said...

B-radly...way to subert the dominant paradigm. I like how you change the rules from the inside. Nice B...nice. I have always been a fan of your ability to debunk the Circostonian myth with humor.

LG said...

Be right over.

ATR said...

What about people who open their home to you? Shouldn't they get some sort of recognition?