Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey Buddy,

You are six months old today. Happy half birthday! Oddly enough it is you that has given us a gift. Just this week we are starting to normalize your sleep schedule a bit. You are going down around 7:30 and waking up around 7:30 (with only one little wake up in between!). I can't tell you how awesome this is.

When me and your mom were first dating we would go to the movies. (haven't done that in almost two years.) After the movie is over I like to leave the theater using a different exit from the one we came in on. Your mom, of course, thinks that this is some sort of weird idiosyncratic quark that further confirms her notion that she married a fella who is a little 'off'. (quick aside: Your mom once told me that you can tell when you are in love when you find quarks like these endearing, rather than annoying. I remind her of this often.)

But I have my reasons for alternative theater exit. They have nothing to do with being followed, or a freaky superstition. See, after you have been entrenched in 30 feet of flickering fiction, it kinda puts you in a daze. In those moments after the credits roll your mind is still reeling from all you just absorbed. If you pedantically walk out of the theater in a near trance, herded along with everyone else, that daze feeling can stick with you for the rest of the afternoon.

On the other hand, if you shake things up a little, leave out the side door, then you freak your brain out just a little. This forces you to engage those neurons and deal with your new environment. Basically, by freaking yourself out just a little bit, you get the opportunity to freak back in.

So, Little bro-zer, why am I telling you all this? Well, in a way, the last six months have been about as mesmerizing and engrossing as the biggest and best movie ever. We have been completely enthralled in everything you do (smiling, squeaking, standing up etc.). After the loss of sleep, and the complete absorption by everything you are and everything you do, we are starting to see some change. It's as if the credits are rolling on this chapter of you and the lights are coming up. Sleep (blessed sleep) has given us some perspective on all this and we no longer feel the shell shock of life with a newborn. There is no denying that these last six months have been freaky. A good freaky, to be sure, but freaky nonetheless.

But Little man, here is the deal: freaking out isn't always bad. Sure it can be scary and new and weird, but my advice to you is to embrace the freak out. without it, there is no freaking back in.

Our new life, having been at first freaked out by this thing we call family, and now as we freak back in is so much better. So thanks , little bro, for the first six months.

We love you munch munch.



Emily said...

These. Are. Awesome.

Amy said...

hey scrabble champ -- a quirk of yours? using "quark" (which I think is some sort of scientific term or a particle or something . . .I dunno, I went to law school). love you.

GPS said...

I think that a "quark" is also referred to as a "spider bark!?"

If not that, I think it might be that thingy that you pull out of the bottle to get to the wine?

Have a great day!