Thursday, September 11, 2008


Born to a swimmer and a surfer, raised on a street that was literally at the bottom of a lake until 1988, Sam Circosta has the aquatic lifestyle in his blood. His favorite swimming hole the lakemont pool has closed for the summer and Sam is a little down. I think he was just getting his sea legs when the season closed. We might try to fit a beach trip in over the next few weeks but with so much going on at casa circosta, it might not work out until November.


ChezWhat said...

Ridge Rd. pool is open till Oct. 27and is GREAT.

A.J. said...

And a dog named after cereal. (Cereal only is good if eaten with liquid.) Yes, this is very serendipitous to Waterworld 2.....which by the way was played by Kevin Costner who is now in the movie Swing Vote...where the outcome of the United States Presidency hangs on the vote one man. Coincidence? We think not.