Tuesday, November 11, 2008


She said yes. And right now she is walking in the door to hang out in our house, with our son!!! Happy Engage-aversary, pumpkin. I love you


Is it time for another update yet? Well, probably not. But sometimes,
something big happens. Something that makes you want to shout from the
rooftops and tell everyone you know. Yes, the big things can't be held to a
bi-weekly schedule. That is where I'm at right now. I've got news. Big
news. Life changing news.

On November 11th, I asked Amy Catherine Dutton to marry me. She said yes!

This may come as a shock to readers of my recent e-mails, but I am at a loss
for words. I don't really know how to explain my feelings in relation to
this big event. I feel as though I just hit the lottery. I feel lucky,
happy, totally in love, but at the same time a little bewildered. Good
things tend to happen to me and for that I am grateful. But having Amy in my
life forever makes me feel as though I have somehow received more than my
share of good fortune. Since Monday night we have been making phone calls,
and laughing and smiling til our cheeks hurt. No matter how much you think
you are prepared for something like this, and no matter how much you have
talked about it, when it comes down to crunch time, everything changes.
Rather than try and explain emotions that I am not quite sure I understand
yet, I'll give you a little recap of that wonderful day.

11-11 was not the first day I thought about popping the question. I've had a
ring cleverly concealed since we have been here in DC. Amy and I have
talked about our future, and the kind of timeline we want to work with, but
the timing of the engagement was up to me. With our two-year anniversary,
and Amy's birthday both conveniently occurring in October, it seemed as
though the stars would line up a month ago. But alas, a combination of
factors thwarted any real chance. There was a romantic walk on the beach in
North Carolina, but I didn't have the ring with me. October came and went
and even though calling us "single" would be a mischaracterization we were
certainly not engaged.

Our stay here is coming to an end and I really wanted to have this whole
engagement thing wrapped up by the time we got home. Life for Amy and me
moves into fast forward upon our arrival in Tucson. We have to finish up
school, graduate, find a job, find a place to live, prepare for and pass the
bar, and move all before June. My thoughts were that all of these decisions
would be easier made with a bit more certainty in our future. As the months
have passed here in DC, it was never a question of if we wanted to get
engaged, but how. So when I woke up the other morning and realized that I
had the whole day to plan, I set the wheels in gear. Amy was working and my
status as a federal government employee afforded me the opportunity to take
the day and think things out. Where, why, when and how were the principle
questions that need answering. I wanted something memorable, but not cheesy.
I wanted something note-worthy, but I also wanted surprise. I finally
decided on a simple dinner at home. I went to the store and bought all the
necessary ingredients (we had marinated chicken, veggies, and mashed
potatoes if you were curious). I cleaned up the house, shaved and put on my
lucky yellow surf trunks. Hidden in the pocket normally reserved for surf
wax was a simple, but dare I say splendid, engagement ring.
We ate and talked and I tried to stay calm. Since I had almost proposed
before I figured I could always wait until it was right and do it another
night. This helped tremendously. It kept me from being a wreck in the hours
preceding the big question. After dinner was the moment of truth. No matter
how you see it in the movies, it is always a somewhat chaotic moment. Here
is how it went down:

Damon: "Amy, Will you marry me?"
Amy: "Are you Serious?!?"
Damon: "Yes." ( Present Ring)
Amy: "Okay!" (hugs, kisses, more talk)
Damon "Here" (Damon places ring almost on wrong hand, then regains his
sense of left and right and places ring on finger).

Laughter, tears, shaking, hugging ensue

So it is all wonderful, all very happy and all ecstatic. It may be a while
before I send you all another update, but rest assured all is well in DC.
Neither Rain, nor a lame duck session, nor lack of waves, nor cold weather
can dissuade the happiness in our world right now. All is well herein DC,
very very very well. And it is all because Amy and I will be getting

With love


p.s. All questions about Date, time, Place, and other arrangements regarding
said union can be forwarded to:

Hold up, we just got engaged 48 hours ago
222 wait a bit lane
Patience, AZ


A.J. said...

Congrats on the milestone you guys!!!

GPS said...

Also from the archives:

"you guys are great together!"


Anonymous said...

you're such a dork. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember the phone call! Look at how much you've both accomplished in just 6 years. Love you Mom