Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hey Buddy,

Well, So much for that regular monthly note where I impart wisdom, reflect on your growth and otherwise provide you with archivable content suitable for whimsy and nostalgia. Here we are month thirteen, and I have no idea how long it has been since I penned one of these. Noting personal little dude, even before you were born I was firing up regularly scheduled things only to not follow through on 'em. (See, e.g. every workout regimen I ever had, Wednesday night friend night, the pre-blog e-mail update, etc.)

So what are we to make all of this? Well, for one thing, following through is hard. I'm trying to buddy, and I know, sometimes trying just ain't gonna cut it. Nevertheless, I'll keep dropping these regularly scheduled (ahem, occasional) notes if you keep growing. And growing you are.

You are a little dude. You do things. You are a full on mini-human.

So anyway, keep rocking it out little man... as regularly scheduled as possible


Theoleman said...

I'm taking a new job in sales for Boost Mobile...they had an opening in Raliegh...see you soon...Theoleman

A.J. said...

Sam....see you Thanksgiving buddy.....warm or not..Its pool time!