Thursday, July 23, 2009


Editor's note: just this week our friends had some kids... twins. So i sent them this. Congrats y'all and hope you don't mind me recycling the content (of course you don't cause you work for an enviro org... recycling rocks!)

Welcome C.W. and Lyla

Hey there kids, Welcome to earth. Trippy place huh. Here is something that will someday blow your mind: If you started walking (well crawling) in one direction, and you went that way for as far as you possibly could, and if you were to come to abig body of water (we call them oceans) and you were to keep swimming and then you were to repeat this crawl swim thing a few times making sure always to stay in the same direction... Eventually you would end up RIGHT BACK WHERE YOU STARTED. I know, crazy huh? But lets not drop such heavy stuff on y'all here in your first day. It's been a bit hectic already and I wouldn't want you to be overwhelmed. You two are in some very good hands. I mean this. Not everyone ends up in such a sweet gig, but y'all struck gold. You have two loving,goofy, fun, grounded, happy parents. You also have this older sister, and Ihave seen Ainsley operate around the younger set. She is aces. Lucky I say.and your parents dropped some cool names for you, and bonus, you have a dog.Kids should have dogs, it's just the way it should be. IF I may, (and I am by no means an expert in all this) I would like to offer you a few suggestions on living. Several of these things involve other people so you two are lucky in that, being twins, you already have each other to participate (like frisbee throwing... Or see-sawing) Take them for suggestions, not directives, just a fellow earthling who has a 32 year head start on the journey around the world: 1. dig on music. Maybe you learn to play an instrument or maybe you dance,or maybe you end up as a background singer in a rock & roll band (shoooowhop) either which way, music is universal and makes things better. 2. Let fate decide. Not on big things, you gotta make your own luck, but every now and again let go of it all and leave it up to fate. I'm thinking about menu options at a new restaurant or a fork in the trail out atumstead. Nothing wrong with letting it fly. 3. lean on each other. Twins can get a little exclusive and into each other and it can be weird, so make sure you spend some time doing your own thing so you never are defined as just one part of a set. But also, don't be scared to lean on one another, y'all are in this together. And really, this business about leaning on each other applies to the non-uterinerelationships you develop. Be not afraid to lean on someone, but never lose your own sense of what it means to stand on your own. 4. Surf. Or ski, or try something that involves sliding. It's a hoot, and if you can convince your parents to move to midtown you will have access to all of the boards and skates you need at my house. Even if you can't convince them to midtown it (and y'all should try to... Very very hard) call me when you are ready and I will take you to the beach. 5. Listen to your folks. Not because you believe in some artificial sense of hierarchy, or because they are bigger. Listen to them cause they are thereto help. You aren't gonna find too many people who care about you as much as they do, so give 'em an ear. 6. Don't listen too closely. Sometime, when you get to be somewhere around15, you are going to come to the conclusion that your folks really don't have it figured out anyway. Here is a little secret that I probably shouldn't let you in on yet: We are all making this up as we go along. 7. Never let THEM define you. I'm not too worried about this with you chase and lyla. We don't really know you too much, but I bet that being part of'the crowd' isn't going to be among your most treasured values. But here isthe rub: being different for differences sake still lets them win. A trite,but telling example: a lot of your parent's hippy friends drink microbrewscause they don't want some big corporation brewing the happy juice. Well, ifyou really like the happy juice that is made in a factory in downtown stlouis, drink it, and don't look back. 8. speaking of happy juice try not to get into that or any of the other'adult' things too early. Being older does not make you cool. Seriously. 9. do something you care about. Maybe its your job, or your painting hobby,or rock climbing or being with friends. Sure, we all have to do a fairamount of stuff we don't want to , to pay the bills, make others happyetc... But drop some joy in your life every single day. 10. Don't give up when it gets hard. Rough patches happen, with yourfriends, your work, your hobbies. Stick to it. Accomplishments earned meansomething. On the other hand, if you feel like you are just banging yourhead against a wall, no sense in that either. 11. learn a silly trick. Maybe its juggling or throwing a Frisbee orcalculus. Fun to have that in your hip pocket. 12. travel. It may not be a straight line, it may not be in one direction,but going places is cool and one of the many ways you can get back to whereyou started from. Best of luck to you both, Chase (or if I can call you C.W. Or maybe c-dub) Iexpect you to keep an eye on your little sister and be mindful of your bigsister, if you ever need some man time, call my boy sam. And Lyla, my dearyou are a part of a gender majority in the buzby household, please refrainfrom tyrannical majority behavior and rule with a benevolent mind towardsthe loyal opposition. Much love Damon

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